Hello again to readers out there!

So, in an effort to try and post more often I will be attempting a challenge. A few days ago, I found a post on a friend’s Facebook page about a 2015 reading challenge.

2015 Reading Challenge

After taking one look at this list I was intrigued. Some of these categories would be easy to find books for, while others would be slightly more difficult. I commented on this page and she suggested that I turn this into a series of blog posts.

Ok, so here we go!

The Task: To read as many books as possible on the  2015 Reading Challenge

The Deadline: 11:59, December 31st, 2015

The Rules:

  • Unless the category states otherwise, I must read a book that I have not read before.
  • I may only use one book per category.
  • Write about the books I have read.
  • Finally and most importantly, I must have fun !!!!!

Thanks, and I’ll talk to you later !


My MLIS Journey Continues !

Hello readers out there, whoever you may be!

It has been a while since my last post. I’m still getting used to blogging and sometimes coming up with ideas for posts can be challenging.

Currently I am in week 2, term 2 of my MLIS journey. I’m enjoying my classes so far, and I think this is going to be a good term. My confidence has improved and I am now more comfortable within the program. In my first term I made new friends, I met several members of the faculty, and staff and I began to develop basic essential knowledge required for the program. This term I am finishing up the last of my mandatory courses, as I begin to define my goals and objectives for my degree and the future.

So what are these goals? Well, currently I am interested in two different career paths. First, I am interested in exploring opportunities in Archiving. Second, I am also interesting in the various roles with Children’s and Young Adult Librarianship. Both these goals coincide with my previous degrees as well as my interests and values.

As a history graduate, archiving records and materials from the past would be extremely rewarding. I know that in my undergrad, I was grateful that the records and materials I needed for my projects and assignments had been preserved and saved. I would love the opportunity to archive records and documents for others to use and explore.

As an education graduate, a career in a Children’s or Young Adult section of a library would be amazing. I love working with children. I have been a Girl Guide leader for 6 years, and my teaching practicums during my education degree created some of my favourite academic memories During my teaching practicums, my students would show me books that they found at the library, and would tell me about the fun they had at their local library reading programs. I would love the opportunity to work with children, assist with developing their reading skills, and help discover their interests through books.

So, those are my current goals; however, I am still only in my second term and I may develop new interests as my degree continues. I am taking a wide variety of elective courses as I do not want to limit myself or close any doors to opportunities that I would not have even considered. I will try and update this blog as much as possible and keep you posted if I find some new interests and/or goals.

Thanks, and I’ll talk to you later !




Do I have to be a librarian?

The answer to the question above is no. MLIS grads do not all have to be librarians. While being a librarian would be incredible and rewarding, sometimes library jobs are unavailable and sometimes people want to pursue other careers, more catered to their interests and skills.

While nearing the end of my first term of my MLIS degree, I was thinking about what kind of jobs I may end up with after graduation.  So, I googled “unconventional jobs for MLIS grads”. I came across an article written for the Syracuse University School of Information Studies on a page called INFORMATION SPACE. This post provided a list of “61 Non-Librarian Jobs for LIS Grads”. Each job links to a job posting description. Some of them have been deleted. However, they are still useful as search terms for job bank websites.


Some of my favorite jobs are the Archivist, Curator for a Media Resource Center, Metadata Analyst, and SoundFX librarian for LucasFilms.

Some unusual jobs and/or jobs that never even occurred to me were positions like a Wine Librarian and Intelligence Associate, (these are the people that conduct research for companies and corporations. They also kind of seem like they are the type to “dig up dirt” about competitors, they kind of stuff you see in movies.)

This article was quite reassuring, as I now know that an MLIS degree can open doors to many different types of opportunities.

What do you think? Which jobs sound appealing? Unappealing? Have you heard of any other unusual or unconventional jobs for librarians?

Thanks, and talk to you later !


Your Life Work, The Librarian – Video Response

Hello all,

So, a few weeks back I was shown this video in one of my classes. It is part of the “Your Life Work Series” and it is called “The Librarian”. Created in 1947, this video discusses the responsibilities of librarians. The video begins by asking a series of questions. It shows shelving filled with books, and the video asks “Are they your friends? Have you a real love of books and learning?” I internally replied with “Yes!” (As some might find it concerning to see a girl in the library, talking to a YouTube video….) The video continues, “Now, do you like people and do people like you? My answers were “Yes and ….. I hope so?” Well according to the video, if I have “these two important qualifications, love for books and love for people” that I might want to think about “the vocation of a librarian.”

After taking a sigh of relief that I had made the right career choice, I carried on with the video. While some of the content was slightly dated, in terms of cultural and social conventions, I was pleasantly surprised that the work of a librarian has been consistent and endured. The video accurately describes the role of the librarian regardless of the type of library the librarian is tasked with “bringing books and people together. I would change this statement slightly and say that the librarian is tasked with bringing information and people together. There are so many different mediums that information can be presented in. The growth of technology has allowed for libraries to present information through books, e-books, web journal articles, or even through unconventional and interactive technologies found in the growing concept of Makerspaces.

The video then goes on to describe the 5 main types of librarians. 1) Catalog Librarians, 2) Reference Librarians, 3) Circulation Librarians, 4) Children’s Librarian, and 5) School Librarian. These jobs are still found within libraries today, and there are many cases when these roles overlap. There are also jobs described as “Special competence jobs”. These include roles like the Library Administrator, Subject specialists, Extension/Mobile Librarians, and Adult Education Librarians. I would completely agree with the video when they mention that these “Special Competence Jobs” require higher levels of education and training.

One of my favourite parts was the demonstration of the cataloguing system, a boy was looking for a book about television “that tells the whole story”. However, he didn’t know the author or the title. The only thing he could remember was the fact that the book was blue. This reminded me of a funny, yet accurate picture I found a while back.

Blue Book

One thing that I found disappointing about this video, is that to be honest, they did not make librarianship seem fun and dynamic, but rather scholarly and important. While librarianship is scholarly and dynamic, there is so much more to it than that. There are book clubs, reading programs, guest speakers, workshops, classes, exhibits and more. The library is more than a place to read and study, and a librarian does more than file books and assist with research.

Well I hope you watch the video and let me know what you think. What was your favorite part? What parts do you agree with, disagree with?

Thanks, and talk to you later !

Welcome !

My name is Rebecca and welcome to my blog!

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On this site, I plan to chronicle, in blog form, my journey through my MLIS  (Master’s in Library and Information Sciences) degree.

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Essentially, this site will be a little of this and a little of that, and I hope that you enjoy it!

So, fasten your seat belts, and join me on an adventure through grad school and much more!