Do I have to be a librarian?

The answer to the question above is no. MLIS grads do not all have to be librarians. While being a librarian would be incredible and rewarding, sometimes library jobs are unavailable and sometimes people want to pursue other careers, more catered to their interests and skills.

While nearing the end of my first term of my MLIS degree, I was thinking about what kind of jobs I may end up with after graduation.  So, I googled “unconventional jobs for MLIS grads”. I came across an article written for the Syracuse University School of Information Studies on a page called INFORMATION SPACE. This post provided a list of “61 Non-Librarian Jobs for LIS Grads”. Each job links to a job posting description. Some of them have been deleted. However, they are still useful as search terms for job bank websites.

Some of my favorite jobs are the Archivist, Curator for a Media Resource Center, Metadata Analyst, and SoundFX librarian for LucasFilms.

Some unusual jobs and/or jobs that never even occurred to me were positions like a Wine Librarian and Intelligence Associate, (these are the people that conduct research for companies and corporations. They also kind of seem like they are the type to “dig up dirt” about competitors, they kind of stuff you see in movies.)

This article was quite reassuring, as I now know that an MLIS degree can open doors to many different types of opportunities.

What do you think? Which jobs sound appealing? Unappealing? Have you heard of any other unusual or unconventional jobs for librarians?

Thanks, and talk to you later !



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