My MLIS Journey Continues !

Hello readers out there, whoever you may be!

It has been a while since my last post. I’m still getting used to blogging and sometimes coming up with ideas for posts can be challenging.

Currently I am in week 2, term 2 of my MLIS journey. I’m enjoying my classes so far, and I think this is going to be a good term. My confidence has improved and I am now more comfortable within the program. In my first term I made new friends, I met several members of the faculty, and staff and I began to develop basic essential knowledge required for the program. This term I am finishing up the last of my mandatory courses, as I begin to define my goals and objectives for my degree and the future.

So what are these goals? Well, currently I am interested in two different career paths. First, I am interested in exploring opportunities in Archiving. Second, I am also interesting in the various roles with Children’s and Young Adult Librarianship. Both these goals coincide with my previous degrees as well as my interests and values.

As a history graduate, archiving records and materials from the past would be extremely rewarding. I know that in my undergrad, I was grateful that the records and materials I needed for my projects and assignments had been preserved and saved. I would love the opportunity to archive records and documents for others to use and explore.

As an education graduate, a career in a Children’s or Young Adult section of a library would be amazing. I love working with children. I have been a Girl Guide leader for 6 years, and my teaching practicums during my education degree created some of my favourite academic memories During my teaching practicums, my students would show me books that they found at the library, and would tell me about the fun they had at their local library reading programs. I would love the opportunity to work with children, assist with developing their reading skills, and help discover their interests through books.

So, those are my current goals; however, I am still only in my second term and I may develop new interests as my degree continues. I am taking a wide variety of elective courses as I do not want to limit myself or close any doors to opportunities that I would not have even considered. I will try and update this blog as much as possible and keep you posted if I find some new interests and/or goals.

Thanks, and I’ll talk to you later !





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